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My heart screams 'I am just an Autumn photographer' BUT with the second year in a row of a decent Summer, I am finding my love for Summer photography; and the best way to get the bright, Summery vibes in your photos. Especially, when you're usually stuck in the forest images and mustard coloured knitwear. I'm usually found in a Pumpkin patch in a bobble hat, sitting the littles in front of a Christmas tree or seeking snow days for photos but now I am loving the Summer backdrops and pretty dresses, rompers and jelly shoes!

When I searched Summer photography locations, I was instantly hit with LAVENDER FIELDS, CONFETTI FIELDS, POPPY FIELDS, SUNFLOWER FIELDS! The typical, beautiful spots BUT for someone who doesn't drive and has serious hayfever, these locations aren't easily accessible for me and I'm sure for others too, so here's some "Simple Summer photography locations" with some editing and photography tips for you DSLR if that helps too and best of all they're either free locations or super cheap!

L O C A T I O N  O N E : P I C K  Y O U R  O W N  F A R M

Pick your own farms are amazing! They're great for Summer, Autumn and Winter! Springs sort of rubbish for them though. Strawberry picking is well up there for things to do on your Summer; especially if you have young children. I love strawberry picking, pumpkin picking and heading to look at real Christmas trees too.

L O C A T I O N  T W O: S H O R E  ( O R  B E A C H )

As non-drivers, we struggle to get to a beach a lot of the time but do have access to the shore and as a photographer, I find the beauty in even the smallest patch of sand and backdrop. Iris was excited to trial her new Swimsuit the other day so we took it on our trip to the shore with friends and it made for the cutest "holiday" style photos. 

L O C A T I O N  T H R E E: O U T D O O R  P O O L / S P L A S H  P A R K

Most cities have an outdoor pool area and most don't have restrictions on photographing or filming devices. Of course, I tried my hardest to avoid other children but I loved this photo I captured of Iris and thankfully having a blurred background means no children are really identifiable. I don't like capturing other children in my photograph and usually make a conscious effort to edit them out but on this occasion, it was too busy and a tricky task. 

L O C A T I O N  F O U R: Y O U R  G A R D E N

Some days who can be arsed to go out when it's boiling hot! So get your paddling pool out, set up a teepee and have an ice lolly! Free, easily accessible and simple! We even painted our faces for fun too!

Finally, feeding the ducks is another good Summer spot, free floral backdrops in parks are great too and if you don't want free ideas and are happy to pay, festivals, theme parks, fairgrounds, the circus, national trust locations, the flower fields of course and there are so many more. Go and experiment with your cameras, phones, go-pros, DSLR's, whatever OR I am hosting Mini Shoots over Summer so get booked in.